Sharing D Luv…

There’s a huge amount of traffic here the last few days, strangely, because of the Star Trek review of all things.

No better time to try and push traffic the way of friends and blogs you like…

My own has interviews with John Spillane and Neil Gaiman and our review of Angels And Demons:

Radge has a less that satisfactory encounter with the cops:

Darren’s writing again, about the people he meets on the DART:

Annie practises her eyesmile:

Bock has a reminder for you:

Orpees has an encounter with a samurai sword:

Snooping in girly bedrooms? Always a good idea:

Voodoo’s been home and isn’t sure about what she saw:

SexyPed tags me… Alright then, but only because it’s her:

And there’s an anonymous plea on The Lives Of Others, but how could anyone know this was for them? 🙂

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