Rick O’Shea Book Club Recommended Reads – Jan 2018

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And here we go again… For January we’ve chosen 4 very different books which, I hope, will kick start your reading for 2018. I hope there’s at least one for everyone… Matt Haig – How To Stop Time What if there were a tiny portion of the human race who lived for centuries, aging incredibly slowly and being almost invulnerable but weren’t vampires. They were just people. How would you survive people noticing you didn’t age if you were born in the age of witches? How would you make a living? Most importantly, how would you survive without love? Min […]

Book Club Books Of The Month – December 2016


Two jewels for you to read along with in December – Jess Kidd’s new debut novel “Himself” and, from 1938, the absolute classic that is Daphne DuMaurier’s “Rebecca”. First is one that really should have been in last month’s pair if I’d gotten my act together and read it when I got it! For someone brought up in London in an Irish family, Jess Kidd’s touch with voice and character is as assured as if she’d lived in the fictional Mayo village she’s writing about. It’s a murder/mystery (but much more than that) with incredible characters. Stylish, genuinely creepy, warm, […]

The Book Club – March Reads


I should have been doing this here for ages (you have no idea how hard it is to scroll back through hundreds of FB posts to remind myself what we’re read already!) My two choices for March for my Facebook Book Club are: I’ve picked them because both are short, hugely fun, very easy reads (although in very different ways) and might introduce people to two of my favourite things recently – the brilliant David Sedaris and Japanese books in translation. You can click on either image for the review from last year or click below to join the Book Club and […]