TATQ – Day 4!

Breda writes…

We’re past the midway mark!

The temperature was definitely rising today, day 3 of No-Text Week. I was visiting family in Clare and was not only without text (of course) but also without my replacement therapy!- otherwise known as the internet! On top of which my phone went dead on the way home!

I arrived home at about 6pm in the throes of withdrawal symptoms (well, I was getting a little annoyed because every time i thought of something to say to a friend i had to write it on my hand so that I would remember to call them!). I was ready and waiting to get my fix at this point. I switched on the computer and typed in www.bebo.com. Only I wasn’t greeted with the familiar, colourful sign in page- no, instead I was met with a nasty, jeering ‘this page cannot be displayed’ notice!!

I continued to punch the enter key aggressively in a bid to coax the Gods of the internet to give me a break but to no avail, until I was distracted by something; none other than my faithful Nokia message alert tone! I was on the verge of hitting reply but stopped myself just in time. I returned the call and arranged to meet some friends for a drive. I shut off my pc- but not before letting it know how disappointed I was with the lack of cooperation.

Sadly enough, while my friends engaged in a conversation about cars (which I know nothing about!) I found myself wondering if my internet would be working when we got home, and sure enough it was! Here I am, in my element writing this and chatting away to friends that I havent been able to text…

And so, I feel the need to say, all’s well that ends well!


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