Text And The Quitty…

The title had to happen. Took a while alright.

Another couple of our trial text quitters have been on…

Heya Rick,

I hope all is well with you! You were saying on the show yesterday that you’ve decided to give up texting as well. How are ya finding it? I’ll admit, the first day was grand but I’m finding it very hard today! I’m very tempted just to delete the message center number in my phone but that would be cheating!

I even had a dream last night that I sent two texts and was very upset with myself
for doing so. Glad it was a dream though! I hope I can hold out. One of my mates works in a call center and he sent me a text last night saying “you’ll never guess what just happened”. Normally I would have sent him a text because he wouldn’t be able to answer his phone, but I rang him and he just started laughing saying he was trying to trick me. I’ve evil friends I tell ya!

It’s pretty cool though cause it’s showing me that in some of my friendships I am the one who drives the relationship. There’s a couple of people that I haven’t heard from at all, solely because I didn’t text them. All in all it’s a good bit of fun but it’s very very hard! YesterdayI was quietly confident, today not so much. I hope you hold out anyway. If I last until Friday it will make a huge difference to my phone bill.




hey rick its me amy 1 of your non texing “guinea pigs”still so far so good…

emm im ringin people now (and not just on the house phone…although i did use up most of my credit chating 2 1 of my friends yesterday! i think after this week i will keep up ringing people i had forgoten how nice it was hearing my friends voices! still its a little hard not textin bac when people text me..no slip ups so far!

as well bebo is a saviour!