The big one oh oh oh…. Oh….

Grainne at the top of the show today asked about DAB…. I directed here here so just as a little reminder my little box is halfway down this post HERE

10 more posts to go til the big 1000…. Sugestions as to what I should do for it?



3 thoughts on “The big one oh oh oh…. Oh….

  1. have a blog party! I’ve just checked mine to find that I’ve made 1408, never even celebrated it 🙁

    I was sucked into an election black hole last week…

  2. Apparently you are meant to do a 100 things you never knew about me – thankfully I wasn’t aware of this trend when I posted my 100th

  3. Always with the partying, oy vey!!! Heard about the 100 things alright Flirty – not sure I could come up with 1000 😉

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