The Good, The Bad, The Brilliant, The Snax

So, ahead of this weekend’s Craft Beer Festival in Dublin I have a few things that I’ve had recently to throw your way. They include…

The really good:

WP_20150213_19_18_28_Pro WP_20150212_19_21_54_Pro

WP_20150224_18_44_23_Pro WP_20150224_19_25_37_Pro

WP_20150303_19_09_59_Pro WP_20150304_19_09_31_Pro

WP_20150304_19_50_39_Pro (1)

The *very* good:

WP_20150224_18_44_02_Pro WP_20150302_21_19_37_Pro


And the genuinely brilliant:

WP_20150302_20_36_33_Pro WP_20150304_19_09_55_Pro (1)

WP_20150305_18_08_30_Pro WP_20150307_19_29_14_Pro

And then there’s The Dark Horse in Blackrock.

I was in one night a few weeks ago and what did the bar staff do to everyone in the pub? Lashed around free Snax.

It’s the little things…