The Hour Of Deadly – 09/03/09

Bloc Party – One Month Off

The 202s – Shoot You Down

Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Datassette Remix)

Jack L – Baltimore

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Linkin Park – Faint

Peter, Bjorn & John – Lay It Down

Cowboy X – Japanese Girl (Acoustic studio session)

Cowboy X interview

Cowboy X – Shot Down (Acoustic studio session)

The King Blues – Save The World, Get The Girl

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Dark Room Notes – Let’s Light Fires

Camille O’Sullivan – Sna Bróga Seo?

The Hour Of Deadly is on RTE 2XM.

Listen live here Mondays at 20.00 with repeats Wednesday at 17.00 and Saturday at 14.00

8 thoughts on “The Hour Of Deadly – 09/03/09

  1. There should DEFINITELY be more interviews during hour of deadly, especially if it’s with great Irish bands like Cowboy X.

  2. Ahoy hoy Rickstopher was just wondering if 2XM does podcasts? Wracked my brain looking for them on the site the last day. Although I spose it’d be a no go with the song rights thing? Tell me i’m wrong!

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