The Irish Craft Beer Festival 2014

What a genuinely brilliant night.


I’ll be honest, before I went to my first Irish Craft Beer Festival in the RDS last Saturday night I had a tiny inkling that it might resemble Temple Bar and thus be very, very not for me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nice people, nice chats, music, laughs, loads of decent food and some incredible beers.

Next year again, lads?

I decided to take pics of each beer I sampled, remember each was a 250ml glass 🙂


WP_20140906_18_30_36_Pro WP_20140906_18_44_14_Pro


And then there was White Hag… I was grabbed (in the nicest possible way!) by Bob and asked if I wanted to do a tasting panel. Tried all the below; they are genuinely exceptional beers from the top drawer.

Guys, the Fleadh Red IPA in bottles.


WP_20140906_19_43_18_Pro WP_20140906_19_43_10_Pro

WP_20140906_19_33_18_Pro WP_20140906_19_22_48_Pro


I’m such a lightweight that after 2 hours my switch went off in my head and I was gone. My apologies to everyone else I didn’t get around to (including some breweries whose output I love!)

One of the best Saturday nights of the year…