The Pain Of The Early Adopter…

My birthday today, off on an OB in Sligo tomorrow in the Roadcaster and then off to party for the weekend, so it’ll be quiet for a few days here, but before I go I just had to share this…

My lovely Amanda who used to work on the show and has been one of my closest friends for years now is cleaning out her mailbox here in RTE. She came across a script she wrote for the show in November 2006.



People come up with the strangest and yet wonderful ideas for websites these days, especially those that involve interaction of some sort… one of our favourites that we’ve come across this week is…

Twitter is just a global community of people all answering one simple question by either posting via their computer or their mobile – and that question is what are you doing…?

Some answers that were posted to the website today include the following…

Yen (unsuccessfully) trying to digest all the cake I baked and ate tonight

Dan G Walking to the tube in the bright sunshine

ale Practising my Game Boy playing for nearby live events

Ouli having hard times with one tooth! Feel like having 100 needles jabbing my head now

Dave Disgruntled I get to work early for a meeting and no one else shows up! Gggrrrrr!

Chris Brogan Waiting for the chiropractor to open. Ow!

Angelique Excited that for the first time this week I might be able to sleep at 4AM!

So we’ve decided we’d love to get a snapshot of what our listeners are doing right now this minute… apart from listening to the radio of course… and we want details, the more specific the better… if you’re eating, tell us what you’re having… if you’re in your car, where are you… if you’re reading, what is the book…? And the more unusual your situation, the more we want to hear about it…

Ring us on 1850 715 922 or Text us now on 087 7720000…

So we asked people to “tweet” the show… She than continued in the mail she wrote up after:

And then the texts and the phone lines went completely crazy – a guy even rang us from Portlaoise to say he had just gotten out of prison but he wouldn’t go on air… here are a snapshot of some of the texts we got, some of them were funny, some were even a bit emotional and a few not surprisingly were smutty …

Im changing my underpants rick

Im writing about tchaikovsky’s marrying his pupil and his homosexual tendencies.

Im sitting in work chewing gum watching bars of chocolate fall into boxes….Yawn.From Mick

Hi i’m tony casey and i’m in hospital recovering from an operation, i had piles removed. Ouch.

Smoking my last cigarette before i arrive home 2 my fiancé who doesnt even no i smoke -happy days.

Tailing a limo in Galway . Jan

Im waxing my boyfriends arse

Stuck outside da big tree n traffic wanna abandon da car n go 4a pint. Eamon

Im sitting on the toilet reading last weeks sunday times.

Feeding two stray dogs i nearly ran over yesterday and decided to bring them home!

Driving home & eagerly anticipatin my mammys pancakes! Brid.

Hi rick i am relaxing im my bath, up to my neck in bubbles and i can barely see to txt because of the steam. Lorraine from Dundalk

Working til seven starving with hunger but just got text from my wife to say the childrens friends just eat my dinner …Arse paul in Dublin

Hi ya, i’m in a lingerie shop in carlow tryin on something nice 4 my hubby, can’t say what…. Sorry. Suzie, carlow.

Hey rick i’m lying under my classic car wondering what the hell i was thinking when i thought restoring an old motor car was a good idea 🙂 from dave

Eating a stinger bar and standing on a cramped train 2 maynooth, and i feel nauseaus coz 2 people beside me reek of B.O. from luke

Well rick wife s away so flyin solo with palm and her sis, ian killenny

Just kissed a guy for d first time from L (a guy)

At work lookin at d crack of a plasters’ arse! John in mallow

Opening the gin. My 2 offspring have moved out…. Empty nest

Taking a poo listening to you

Hi im just leavin work to meet my mate 4 starbucks n a chat about if we should tell our other mate that her hubby may b cheatin on her  Ashley Dublin

Rick am trying to pick a scab up my nose with help of the lid of a pen. Donal in Galway

rick, im updating my computers firewall. i realy shud b doin my homework but my darling dearest computer is much more important than my future career. 4rm Lex

I am signing the back of identity cards for cattle that are going to the meat factory on monday Donal Del

Just sittin her recievin a bj from da girl friend, good times , tommy in galway

Rick im thinking of telling my parents im gay but i dont no how 2

Your Moma!

Trying to build up the courage to tel the girl next to me i love her… Sean from cavan

At at wk, am eight wks pregnant, an thinkin about how big my baby now is.


That was always our problem on the old show, we were just a little too far ahead of the curve 😉

6 thoughts on “The Pain Of The Early Adopter…

  1. Brilliant, just brilliant! Eapecially

    Well rick wife s away so flyin solo with palm and her sis

    Just kissed a guy for d first time

    Hi im just leavin work to meet my mate 4 starbucks n a chat about if we should tell our other mate that her hubby may b cheatin on her

    and holy wow:

    Rick im thinking of telling my parents im gay but i dont no how 2

    Jaysis. The things people will tell you.

    Bring back textsecrets I say!

  2. Some of those are hilarious. Can’t believe you knew about Twitter way back then – when did you join? According to my calculations it was only in March 08…

  3. Those are brilliant!
    bring back textsecrets and bring back the old show. It was so much fun. Some of the best radio to come out of this country without a doubt.
    Happy birthday Rick. Hope its a good one.
    Jen x

  4. Gets me thinking again about the “One day in history” thing again. – I’ve given up on the idea – I don’t have enough netclout to get it off the ground.

  5. I miss the old show…. not that its not great to just hear you… but … i miss the old show.

    It truly was a unique thing of beauty….

    @le craic… you should do the onedayinmay thing!

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