Why Haven’t I Written A Craft Beer Post In A While?

Because, perversely, when your work week changes and you now have Monday and Tuesday off you should have tons of time to write things on the internet, but you find yourself fixing the taps, cleaning the windows and reading more books instead.

Apologies. With the exception of the posts about Japan and Korea and the one about the Craft Beer Festival I haven’t written one about just actual beers I’ve been drinking since July! Seems I have over 30 beers to post so one here and another in a few days.

Stuff I have tried that you might like as well starts with two absolute winners:

WP_20150825_22_58_51_Pro WP_20150821_21_30_06_Pro

As well as those a few other things that might tickle your fancy…


Fair enough You’re not going to find this one easily (a friend was in upstate New York and, passing through a brewery thought of me, but just in case you do , put your reservations about the questionable label aside – it’s a very decent beer…


WP_20150808_00_14_52_Pro WP_20150806_21_28_42_Pro

WP_20150801_19_07_49_Pro WP_20150730_20_47_29_Pro

WP_20150729_22_15_42_Pro WP_20150729_20_49_47_Pro

WP_20150725_19_34_54_Pro WP_20150723_21_26_26_Pro

WP_20150723_20_21_45_Pro WP_20150723_19_43_45_Pro

Much more to come in a day or two, some stellar stuff included…