You Can’t Spell Taoiseach Without T…

The Taoiseach. As I was walking by Tesco the other day. Seriously.
It did lead me to one of those questions that fascinate me…. With his entourage he was brought into the food court and, as I was coming back a while later, there he was with a cup of tea. So, just how many cups of tea a day is the Taoiseach, on average, forced to drink in the course of his duties….?
“Will ye have a quick cup Bertie? Ah ya will, ya will, ya will, etc.”
That’s me; always thinking of other people. Answers on a virtual postcard.

One thought on “You Can’t Spell Taoiseach Without T…

  1. Oh, come on, that’s not really fair. Us tax payers are dishing out on a massive makeup bill and you go and snap the poor Bertie on a camera phone.

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