3 thoughts on “Zombie Ants Are Coming…

  1. FunScience Fact:
    There’s also some parasites that make ants climb up the top of grass stems, so that the ants get eaten by birds. The parasites do this as they can live and grow better inside the bird.

    I wonder if this cycle kept evolving, would people be turned into zombies just from eating certain foods?

  2. Rick: I’d say it’s no Deep Blue Sea but it might be worth a giggle. I like the bit with the bridge being bitten. (Oh, and you’re probably safest with “octopuses”.)

    Ciaran: that would be the unspeakably creepy Cordyceps. Humans are involved in a different but no less sinister cycle, with Toxoplasma apparently at the helm. I blame cats.

  3. Since I’m on a public information roll, I’ll add that there is a short underwater bout of wrestling between a zombie and a shark in Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters. I have not seen a zombie wrestle a shark in any other film.

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