His Name Is Ozymandias

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I just walked in to my desk through reception. There was only one person sitting there, serenely reading the Irish Times. Gay Byrne. There is something inherently wrong with the broadcasting giant that still walks amongst us having to wait politely in the reception area he strode through on his way to work for so many years. I would have gone over, just to pass and say good morning but he would have no idea who I am. he gave Ruth and I a great interview one Christmas Eve on the phone about the Late Late Toy Shows of yore and I […]

Oh. My. God.

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We all have to book tickets. Now.   JOHN WATERS “THIS FILTHY WORLD”   FIRST TIME ON AN IRISH STAGE – FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY   Live @ Vicar St. September 17th   Tickets on sale Thurs. June 5th @ 9am!    This Filthy World is John Waters’ brand new one-man show, a “vaudeville” act that celebrates the film career and idiosyncratic tastes of the man William Burroughs once called “The Pope of Trash”. He will be live @ Vicar St. on September 17th. Tickets are €33.60 on sale Thursday June 5th @ 9am through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets […]

Show Rambles

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My life becomes ever increasingly surreal. Met Grandad on Saturday night and he did say he’d have to listen in some time…. Presumed he, like many famous award winners do, was plamásing me…. Nope. http://www.headrambles.com/2008/03/03/5200-white-mice/ My show? So much funnier when he writes it…