20 thoughts on “10 Very Good Reasons You Should Grow A Giant Beard…

  1. Beards or any form of facial hair are fuckin great! I have one too and its wonderful! Someday beards will rule the world!

  2. @Ryan I take that as the highest form of compliment…

    @Vic – Maybe we should start a “Broadcasters with beards” group on Facebook? You….Me…. And…. Eh….. Hmmm.

    @Anthony Again, thank you.

    @ciara I am, of course, stealing its contents.

    @grandad In fairness I haven’t been growing mine for 100 years, as you have…. 😉

  3. You are the inspiration for my beard.

    I love my beard.

    And yes beards bring out the badass! …until food gets caught in it…then you just look like you need someone to care for you.

  4. Add in the act that every razor blade you buy cost about €739, lasts for one and a half shaves, takes 47 trees and 224 tonnes of oil to produce and indirectly leads to the maiming of at least three Kosovan orphans and it becomes clear that regular shaving is only for horrible CommiNazis and Pat Kenny.

  5. Am I the only person who can’t stop thinking about Bill Bailey in the Little Bo Beep outfit in that episode of Black Books?????

  6. hey rick ,,beards looken well..have some beard action goin on meself to..another 6 weeks or so to catch your beardege level..you do look EVIL in that last photo…but hey it looks fecken cool…paul…love the show,,,

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