Here’s how old I am. 34 tomorrow.

Here’s how old I am. Yesterday I went shopping with my birthday money (yes, like your average 15 year old I have birthday money as a result of being impossible to buy anything for). Got:

4 shirts in H&M

A pair of brilliant fakey converse

A pair of sunglasses that make me look as if I belong on the set of a 70s John Holmes film

5 dvds for €50 in Virgin with the voucher Joan, David & Amanda got me (I will continue to be suckered by these things for the rest of my adult life! Actually I’m quite pleased with Anchorman, Shaun Of The Dead, Night Watch, Walk The Line and Superman Returns)

A coldplay desinged mug from House Of Frasier

Two books (Mark Brandon Read’s Chopper – been threatening to read that for years since I saw the film and Dr Aric Sigman’s Remotely Controlled – How Television Is Damaging Our Lives)

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male smelly stuff

How old am I? Still no slippers or pipe yet though…


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  1. The Film of Night Watch is very good, but you should really read the book by Sergey Lukyanenko as well which is far better. The film only covers the first third of the book and makes some major changes to the plot.

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