75 Bands…?

You’re going to hate having read this posting…. Apparently there are 75 bands in the picture below, no I don’t know them all (I had to stop after the B52’s, U2, The Monkees (!?!), Scissor Sisters…) but I thought it might drive you all a bit batty for a while 🙂

There’s a bigger version of it HERE


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  1. Hmm lets see the lemonheads guns and roses,gorrilaz,smashing pumpkins,rolling stonesthe pixies scissor sisters the eagles garbage madonna the eels blur sex pistols alice in chains,the monkees,lead zepplin well thats all i can think of for the minute hope i havent ruined it for a lot of you guys

  2. a few more… Black Flag, Cowboy Junkies, Queen, Prince, Matchbox 20, Dinosaur Jr, 50 cent, Dead Kennedys, Rob Zombie (?), Nine Inch Nails, Eminem., Spoon

  3. OK I got most of the ones Paddy & Barftud said there except dinosaur junior jr (v clever)& 50 cent cos I thought it was a quarter..

    Are the pixies the flying fairy things?

    The ones that are driving me nuts are:

    the yellow man
    the bendy people
    the goldfish bowl
    the calendar
    The tree coming out of the mountain

    please someone tell me what they are before I spend my whole weekend trying to figure them out instead of working on my essay.


  4. a few more – whitesnake, red hot chilli peppers, the eagles, radiohead, kiss, the beach boys, seal, the police, steps, cornershop

  5. With a little help from the lads at work, we came up with these ones…

    Badly Drawn Boy/Blur/Vanishing Man, Bangles? (or Jewel), Beegees (graffiti on wall), Cypress Hill or Big Mountain?, Black Crowes/Counting Crows, Blind Melon, Blondie, Blue? (postman and postbox), Bush, Chewing Gum (duo who are very well known in Japan by all accounts! – yeah right), Crowded House, Deep Purple, Fish/Goldie (the goldfish bowl), Guitar Gangsters, Hole, Iron Maiden (crossing the road), Korn, Manic Street Preachers/The Cult, Pink!, Ratt, Rooftop Singers???, Sharks/Shark Attack?, Subway, Talking Heads, Tatu/Kiss, Television, The Cars, The Doors (far left at the crossroads), The Shadows, The Vines, Toy Dolls? (shop window), White Stripes, White Zombie

    Needless to say, we got no work done at all last Friday.

  6. Here are some others that we suggest (hope there are not too many overlaps)
    Gorillaz, Led Zepplin, The Eels, Alice in Chains, Garbage, Guns n roses, Cornershop, Crowded house, Puddle of Mudd, The Police, Violent Femmes, U2, Presidents of USA, Sex Pistols

  7. this was a complete head wreck so i just gave up so heres my tupence worth – led zeplin,guns n roses, u2,siscor sisters, eels,hole,rollin stones, the cars, queen, gorillas, white snake, the pixies, 50pence(eejit) matchbox 20, nine inch nails, alice in chains, green day, blind melon, kiss, the police, the eagles, black flag, crowded house, radio head, the dead kenedys, seal, white zombie, korn, red hot cilli peppers, blind melon, b52’s, garbage, beach boys, counting or black crows, dinasour jr, blur, deep purple, sweet/eminem,talkin heads, sex pistols, prince,the killers, madona, manic street preachers, iron maiden, cyprus hill, corner shop

  8. Monday’s newspaper published this picture and the answers.They said that there was only 70 bands in it(although if they have pink there why don’t they have the Darkness?).Also the pictures do not relate to characteristics of the bands so the 2 girls kissing is not tattoo etc,… and they have to represent the band name exactly so the rat is not the boomtown rats as where does the boomtown fit in?Anyway heres what they gave:
    >Smashing Pumkins
    >Scissor Sisters
    >Nine Inch Nails
    >Alice in Chains
    >White Zombie
    >Green Day
    >Guns N Roses
    >Sex Pistols
    >Rolling Stones
    >Manic Street Preachers
    >The Pixies
    >Men at Work
    >Crowded House
    >Bee Gees
    >Twisted Sister
    >The Killers
    >The Police
    >Iron Maiden
    >The White Stripes
    >The Doors
    >Led Zepplin
    >The B52’s
    >Black Flag
    >The Cars
    >The Beach Boys
    >The Egagles
    >Cyprus Hill
    >The Lemonheads
    >50 Cent
    >Dead Kennedys
    >New York Dolls
    >Dinorsour Junior
    >The Vines
    >The Eels
    >Matchbox 20
    >Deep Purple
    >Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    >Blind Melon
    >The Postal Workers
    >The Streets
    >Black Crows
    >Cowboy Junkies
    >Great White

  9. I’ve nearly got seventy, three days bloody well spent !! Heres some of the less obvious ones I thinky you might likey.. Deep purple,Wings, B52s, Sky, Subway,BeeGees,The Cars,The Shadows, Blondie, Bubble gum, Step… I know Crowded house was suggested but I was thinking more along the lines of Block Party? Oh, and has the zombie (White Zombie) got Stiff little Fingers..?

  10. I just noticed that your copy is missing a little bit of the left side from the version posted on virgin digital, which contains at least the pet shop boys and cake.

  11. Hey Rick, I’ve just seen The Prodigy, Blue Oyster Cult, Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark, The The, REM, The Stereophonics, Steeleye Span, The Verve……….
    that’s it!, I’m givin up the drink!

  12. here’s the ones I have. Only 72. . .
    50 cent
    Alice In Chains
    Beach Boys
    Black crows
    Black flag
    Blind melon
    Cowboy Junkies
    Crowded house
    Cypress Hill
    Dead kennedys
    Deep Purple
    Dinosaur jr.
    Great white
    Green Day
    Iron maiden
    Jane’s Addiction
    Led zepplin
    Manic Street Preachers
    Matchbox 20
    Men at Work
    Nine Inch Nails
    Pet Shop Boys
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Rolling stones
    Scissor sisters
    Sex pistols
    Skinny Puppy
    Smashing pumpkins
    Talking Heads
    The Band
    The Doors
    The Killers
    The Police
    The Postal Workers
    the roots
    The Scorpions
    Twisted Sister
    White snake
    White Stripes
    White zhombie

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