A Dog Of A Movie

100 Words On… Marley And Me

*** SPOILER ***


I was told that I would cry during Marley And Me and I’m sad to report that’s exactly what happened. I cried with boredom and for the many, many lost minutes of my life I’ll never get back having sat through it’s average, sub-soap plot.

The only time the screen lights up at all is when Alan Arkin’s on, breathing life into the cliché of the world weary newspaper editor.

I know it’s morally wrong that I wanted the dog to die quicker so I could get out of the dark and get on with my life, but that’s exactly what happened.

7 thoughts on “A Dog Of A Movie

  1. Ahh but the ladies loved it.

    I thought it was mildly entertaining. The book is at least 10 times better than the movie though, as is usually the case.

    Like I tweeted last night “Definitely go see Marley and Me if you’re in any way a dog person. Don’t, if you’re a cat person like @rickoshea”

  2. Saw this and actually thought it was an alright flick? dunno what that makes me!

    A guy did snore loudly through it and although i didn’t cry it was sad enough but the ending could’ve been better.

    my tupponce

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