A Fresh Pair Of Ears

Ashley just mailed me with a nice idea she has on her blog. She picks four bands she’s never heard before, gives them a listen for a week and then tells you what she thinks. You’ve probably heard a lot of them but it’s interesting to see what a fresh pair of ears brings to a band you might know well….

It’s here:


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Pair Of Ears

  1. Thanks a million Rick. The ones so far are bands that have been on the cards to be listened to for a while. It’ll branch out further and further to those less well-known, so if you’re bored for now, you might not be as time goes on.

  2. Great idea Ashley. Always good to see someone doing something different.


    Had a thought today that you should have one of your pages up top (the tabs) as a page where you can have the comments open for people to put through suggestions to you for interesting ideas, cool sites etc. etc. – and ones that catch your eye might even end up as an item on the show or something. Just an idea. Apart from anything else it might free up your inbox a little.

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