A little help?

If you’ve been listening to the show recently, you’ll be aware that our reporter Amanda will be heading to Kenya in October with Self Help, the Irish development agency engaged in promoting and implementing integrated sustainable development programmes in rural Africa.

Around 30 people will be travelling on this fund-raising field visit to one of the most stunning countries in the world and YOU could be one of them. Self Help have kindly left open a place so that one of our listeners can go along. The catch is you have to raise €5000 euro but we had the great idea that a company might sponsor one of their loyal and devoted employees to travel in exchange for many mentions on the Rick O’Shea show as part of our coverage of this year’s fund-raising visit to Kenya (you seriously can’t buy that amount of advertising).

So if you think you could persuade your boss to cough up the cash for you to travel (you have to get a guarantee from them before you get in touch with us) or if you’re an employer who fancies getting rid of one of your staff for 10 days in exhange for becoming the Rick O’Shea Show’s official Caring Company of the Year then email us now rick@2fm.ie