4 thoughts on “Always Carry A Digital Camera…

  1. Wow that is a stunning picture!! Is that a drawing or taken with a camera? I went to Niagara Falls with my husband and we got a few really nice pictures of the falls! I got my digital camera from http://www.digicombos.com and I love it!

  2. “Last Tuesday, Lori Mehmen looked out her front door in Orchard, Iowa and this is what she saw. She had a digital camera handy, and somehow managed to take this photo before crapping her pants and taking cover. This, my friends, is why always having a camera nearby is helpful. Oh, and no one was injured during this tornado, fortunately”

    this is the same tornado that ripped through that boyscout camp.

  3. Even though I watched the movie The Day After Tomorrow last week, that is one awesome pic. 🙂

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