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100 Words On… Watchmen


This is no superhero movie.

This is an adaptation I’ve been waiting for 20 years for as the battered Comedian badge on my bag testifies, and one that I really like.

This is 1985 with the superpowers at five to midnight and Tricky Dick with his finger…. On. The. Button.

This is costumed heroes that assassinate presidents, attempt rape, lay waste to Vietnam and carve up kiddie fiddlers with cleavers.

This is a narrative with no villain. And no heroes. Just endless brightly coloured shades of grey.

This isΒ a whodunit only you don’t find out ’til the end what’s been done…

Epic WIN.

13 thoughts on “American History W

  1. And to top it all off the guy from “PS I love you” gets killed at the start πŸ˜› It’s nothing personal to the actor, I just bear a grudge for being made to watch that film (same with Brad Pitt getting knocked down in meet Joe Black and DiCaprio sinking beneath the icy waters in Titanic….payback for all the men forced to watch those films)

    I cannot believe you’ve held out on us for this long. I heard in London they had a yellow carpet with bloodstains on it instead of the red carpet….pure class.

    Now to assault the 2FM phonelines tomorrow to try to win tickets as been away for most of this week and no access to a radio πŸ™

    Also, mate sent me a photo of massive Stands/posters they have in Easons along with a collection of different covers of the book/movie guide/etc….Bringing quality to the masses !!!

  2. I’ve just picked up the novel. My quandry now is do I get stuck into reading this and wait for the DVD or go to the cinema and read it after…

  3. Reeeeeeally looking forward to this. I don’t know how it will be received by people who haven’t read the book though.

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