American Horror Story Asylum

Maybe you watched the first series of American Horror Story blissfully ignorant of the involvement of Glee creator Ryan Murphy, maybe you didn’t watch it for exactly the same reason.

In my humble opinion it was one of the best new series on US TV in years. It stood apart from other, similar concoctions because of the quality of the writing and cast, the refusal to have almost any characters as absolutely black or white, the lack of punches pulled and, most importantly, not playing to any of the conventional narrative rules of an american TV series. Literally, anything could happen next.

Series 2 has just started with (again, remember the refusal to play to rules?) a completely different setting, decade, story and some returning cast members although in entirely new roles.

To call the first episode breathtaking and magnificent just don’t do it justice. Among the highlights are Jessica Lange upping her game from the last series (if that were possible) playing an entirely different character, the continuation of the “we don’t have any actual rules on this series” thing and SMALL SPOILER Adam Levine from Maroon 5 getting his arm ripped off.

What more could you want? Better than any first episode of anything on TV in years.