An Idea For An Idle Moment

While I was talking below about @bngr, donna_m and @sineadkeogh sending me random post addressed to “Rick O’Shea, The Radio” I got this comment from the lovely Cupid Stunt:

“As a former postie I have to say that when getting these it was always a bit of fun trying to figure out who they were for, but it doesn’t happen often enough so I hereby propose that everybody reading send a letter or card to their friend with an imaginatively thought out address.

You would also be surprised at the amount of junk mail addressed to ‘Father Ted Crilly, Craggy Island’ that came through our place…

Cupid Stunt said this on April 9, 2009 at 1:01 am”

There’s your busy work for the bank holiday weekend. Get something, send it, tell me about it here…

Chop chop!

3 thoughts on “An Idea For An Idle Moment

  1. I went on a bit of an addressing experiment when I sent yours. The housemate got one addressed to “Fridge”, it arrived. Another went to the lovely Dani in “the office with no windows”. Yet to arrive is @pluincee’s “the house beside the one that looks like it doesn’t belong there”.

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