Another Reason Not To Like The Chinese Authorities ;-)

Oops lads…

Sorry… On behalf of all of us…

I got into work this morning popped on the headphone and went to listen to the show. I get an annoying announcement that streaming of all 2FM shows is being blocked outside of Ireland due to the Olympics. Thats going to be 3 whole weeks of no random trivia, funny stories and websites to share with the office. Worse of all it’s going to send our productivity through the roof. Management will start to expect that level of productivity all the time and I may actually have to do work.


Bored in Berlin

3 thoughts on “Another Reason Not To Like The Chinese Authorities ;-)

  1. I know… so so so annoyed!
    What am I supposed to listen to now??
    Three Weeks!!!

    Plus I had to sit through a 2hour pension presentation this morning!!

    I miss you guys!

    Clair in Amsterdam

  2. that sucks big time! the only consilation is that when the station is back on air, its nearly time for you rick, to be back in your regular time slot so i can finally listen to you again. sucks the big one

    donna in vancouver canada

  3. Found a way around it… only works if you have an internet package on your phone as you need to stream via your phone which could be expensive if you don’t have a package in place. Its a website called Moodio, and the phone link is – its free, sign up search for 2fm and add it to your list, then go to on your phone browner and bobs your uncle!! 🙂 Or Rick’s your mate in this case! 🙂
    Happy Days, no longer do I have to listen to the aircon and my dumbass colleague!


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