Any Questions?


Just so yiz can’t say I didn’t tell you…

I’m going to be part of one of the panels this year at the Hot Press Music Show in the RDS.It’s the broadcasting panel discussion and this year it’s going to be ‘Broadcasting – It’s All In The Music’

The background to the discussion is going to be: “Radio stations are defined by the music they play. Music also gives identity to programmes on TV. But how are playlists chosen? Is there scope for individual choice in some stations and not in others? And are Irish artists given a fair shake?”

The broadcasting panel discussion takes place at 3pm on Sunday, October 4th with myself, Dermot McEvoy, Hector O hEochagain and Tony Fenton.

5 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. Good man, well done!

    I’m really surprised at how low-key the marketing for this event seems to be. I only saw it by accident on Ticketmaster recently. Granted I’m neither a Hotpress reader or music lover, but still…

  2. i sooo wish i could go to this! radio sucks. really. your radio in dub and uk and even germany is much more interesting to listen to than our radio over here, mainly because its new and plays different artists than i’m used to hearing, but listen long enough and its very much the same top 20 artists over and over – radio in general has a policy of being too programmed, to predictable i think.

    i hope you guys get lots of good discussion at this one

  3. Are radio DJs from 2FM *allowed* to be outspoken about playlists? Sounds like this could be an very interesting topic of discussion if all involved are truly open and honest about it.

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