App I Am

Did you know my peers have voted me:

#2 most cuddly

#2 best catch

#3 most artistic

#3 person with the best hair

#3 best dinner companion

#4 nicest smelling

#4 most adventurous

#5 best mannered

#6 most popular

#7 most desired for marriage

Kind of sad to see your life encapsulated as a Facebook app, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “App I Am

  1. @Lexi How do they know?!?!? Only one of my friendds admits to going around sniffing us regularly… 4 have better manners though! Bastards.

    @flirty Undoubtedly. Although the disparity between Best Catch and Desired For Marriage leads me to believe that my friends only see me as a bit of cheap fun *sigh*

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