Apparently We Have Listeners

Sometimes you never know whether or not anything you do on the show is entertaining or engaging or amusing. I personally never think that people ever actually act on anything they hear on the show, even though the evidence every day of the week is to the contrary…

Sharonann and her hubbie took someone on the show the other day very much to heart and did something on the basis of it. It’s put a huge smile on my face :-)))))))))

2 thoughts on “Apparently We Have Listeners

  1. Rick,

    I was so surprised and delighted to get your comment on my Special Moments blog – when I wrote the entry it never occurred to me for a second that you would read it, or that you didn’t realise the impact your show has on people’s everyday lives.

    I think your show has a huge impact on people. My son, aged 9, came in from school one day and told me that one of the lads let him off the bus first because it was Random Acts of Kindness Day!!! He came home and made me a cup of tea as his act of kindness – so thanks for that too!! Isn’t it great the way that these things carry forward?


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