Ask ‘Em Out Day….

Here’s one for you. Last week we had a guy on to us about how he was up in Dublin on business, was with a group of friends in a Pizza Hut and quite fancied the waitress. Now he left doing nothing about it but after his group said to him that they were sure she liked him.

We convinced him to do the decent and at the very least ring her and ask her out. He did (eventually!) but found out that she was seeing someone. Still she said that he’d made her day and at the very least he knew one way or the other.

He inspired us.

So, on Thursday we’re asking you to finally ask out that person you’ve been dying to go out with for ages. Maybe it’s someone you work with, a friend or just someone you see on the bus every day.

Up for it?

Thursday will be the day…

9 thoughts on “Ask ‘Em Out Day….

  1. Rick darling,

    Please call me Grannymar, Grandad’s wife is known as ‘Granny’ in the blog world and we don’t want to cause confusion. I am older than her in years and in blogging, but as yet I am not a Granny!

    I have been called Grannymar for the last 35 years! I think it’s a term of endearment! πŸ˜†

  2. Flirty, my g/f would have something to say about that, true…

    But a boy always likes to have interest shown, particularly by the likes of GM or Darren! πŸ˜‰

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