Badge Me

Lexi was right.

Nerds of the Interweb!!!!!! This is my bag and these are my badges.


Got one you think would look nice there next to my Soviet space program, Harry Chapin, Vote Red Ken, “I Heartily Endorse This Event Or Product” Krusty and Watchmen ones?

9 thoughts on “Badge Me

  1. me <—– is mightily jealous – i sooooooo want your africa badge. and i need to find and buy a make trade fair one too… and a fluffy.

    I have a Sheffield United that might look good on your bag 🙂 or War is not the Answer… too political perhaps. Also have some band buttons including U2, Rocko and the Devils, The Keep, etc… most are unknown indie bands.

  2. Guy in Blackrock Market is doing new ones from his games/annuals/comics stall…

    Which would be helpful if I didn’t live in Cork. 🙂

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