Bebo Feck Off…

Sure what more reason could you want to give up social networking for the week? 🙂
This is part 3 in the grand pop culture social deprivation series – Bebo Feck Off! And Myspace. And Facebook (even though I’m enjoying it SO much at the moment).

After the weeks of torture that were give up TV and give up text messages next week on the show we invite you to break social networking’s evil hold on you by giving it up in all of its shapes and forms from when you wake up on Monday til 5pm on Friday.

Same as before; you can either just play along and let us know during the week how you’re getting on or you can volunteer to be part of our test group and come on air from Monday to Friday next week and let us know how you’re doing. Yes, I’ll be taking part too, of course (still not sure if I can rope in Amanda and David but we’ll see!)

Interested? Mail me HERE, let me know just how bad you addiction is and the fun starts from Monday