15 thoughts on “Because We Don’t Know How To Use Buses

  1. Oohh Rick, God yes they are that stupid or selfish (can;t work out which), hence people standing up by the driver preventing others from getting on the bus without having to squeeze past them. I have written about this before.

    I understand that you might think the poster is a little to ‘plain English’ or ‘stating the bleedin obvious’ but I would say it doesn’t go far enough and should actually be used to smack offenders across the head. Then they will learn 🙂

  2. Are we so stupid as a society?

    I randomly found your blog. Neat aspect on the world you have – it’s fucked. But whatever – as long as there is Jango and Bright Neighbor, we’ll make it.

    But our global CEOs are out of touch… we are going to have to take the realms of the company and make things work again.

  3. Just found this on the front of wordpress and it made me laugh.
    Almost as laughable as the cups at the store I work in that we put takeaway coffee in that say ‘Warning: Contents hot!’

    Thanks for making me chuckle.

  4. Buses near where I live carry the sign ‘Pay the correct fare, or show the driver your pass’

    I’d have thought that was a sign just crying out to be ‘altered’ 😀

  5. Here in Vancouver we do not have double deckers – but people have to be told – firmly and repeatedly – to “move to the back of the bus” just so that other people can get on. There are signs saying the same thing but they ignore them.

    Equally obviously they have to be told to give up seats to the old, disabled, pregnant women and mothers with babes in arms.

    NOT stupid. Just self absorbed.

  6. I find this funny only because in my experience with double decker buses, people flock to the upper level first. I guess it’s the same as “move to the back of the bus” and “give up seat for those with reduced mobility”.
    Some people just don’t get the obvious.

    Cute, regardless!

  7. Eh, hello to the flood of new people who’ve found this today!

    Feck knows why it ended up on the WordPress frontpage but have a wander around and make yourself comfortable…

  8. I’m not trying to defend anyone, people are stupid as it is, but I sometimes take the bus and stay at the door, why? ’cause inside it’s so freaking hot with all the people, there’s hardly air to breath, and so a refreshing breeze while riding is good for anyone..But if there’re sits of course I’ll sit, it’s just something people do..

    I’m from Venezuela btw, it might not be the same heat for you guys..

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