Best. Show. Ever.

I know.

It’s Friday morning and what am I doing here in my favourite café? Taking it easy because I have all the stuff for today’s chart show lined up? Nope. I’m prepping pieces for next week’s show. It really is becoming that kind of relationship… 🙂

Wasn’t Neil Hannon great last night? have wanted to interview him for year and years and when he turned out to be just the nicest, coolest guy imaginable (even when I anorakked off-mic with him about Father Ted which I’m sure EVERYONE does with him) and when any band interview turns out to be about parenting tips, Noel Coward and Ted then that’s a good one for me.

We got the Late Late Lego guy too! All of that, Big Brother freaks (and I mean that in an affectionate way), Spiral (again!) our two lovely Yes/No Patrol people and Snakes On A Plane… So. Much. Fun.

You’ll be able to hear it for the next week on the show page on the 2FM site.

We’re at Morrissey/Magic Numbers/Dandys/Dears this Tuesday in Marley Park with (hopefully, you know what rock and roll types are like!) interviews, live stuff from the stage and Morrissey’s set live after we finish at 9.

This won’t be the last time I say this but the hard work going on every day from Joan, Amanda and David behind the scenes is absolutely trojan and unlike anything else I’ve seen on any show in the 5 years I’ve ben here but, to paraphrase The Simpsons, it’s all up there on the screen…