Blogressives Of The World Unite…. Or Else!

Today’s little odyssey is as follows…

This may seem an unusual image from Tesco’s wine department but have a think about it. The wine on the left is a Brooks Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon, the ones on the right BB Tarrango (with a very tasty Penfold’s tucked over at the very left but let’s not get distracted…)

Tesco started security tagging their booze a while back as is their wont but the thought struck me – why are the ones on the left which cost just over €10 tagged but the ones on the right which cost just under €10 not… Are wino shoplifters that discerning?

My Tesco also has these – self service checkouts. You scan, pay, bag and leave all without the assistance of a staff member. I refuse to use them in case it puts someone out of a job 🙂 That’s also the reason why I don’t have an ATM card and go to the counter in my local branch too :-))

This may be the most pointless pic on this blog ever. If you look very closely you’ll see some of the lights above the parking spaces in the Dundrum SC are red, others are green making it mad easy to find spare spaces. An example of technology I like!

Probably quiet now til at least Saturday as I head off to Waterford tomorrow night – top spot! Show starts in about 15 mins (Franz Ferdinand interview and new tracks from Ryan Adams and the new Christy Moore album where he covers Morrissey!) and then back next Monday…

Loved the word I coined on the show last night – blogressive. It refers to my public hassling of my mate Liam to post more to his blog HERE. It worked!


PS Howya in many different languages to some of the locations the blog has been accessed from in the last day or so:

Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin
Roverville Cross Roads, Kerry
United States – Clawson, Michigan
Germany – Schrttendorf, Bayern
Mexico – Ciudad Lpez Mateos
United Kingdom – Lancaster, Blackpool
United Kingdom – The Hyde, Redbridge
United States – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

United Kingdom – Abingdon, Oxfordshire
United States – Dallas, Texas
O’Connell Bridge, Kerry
Sweden – Stockholm, Stockholms Lan
New Zealand – Tauranga
United States – Harrisonburg, Virginia
United States – Rego Park, New York
United Kingdom – Kirk Of Shotts, North Lanarkshire
Golden Ball, Dublin
United States – West Lafayette, Indiana
United States – Sioux City, Iowa
United States – Corona, New York
Formoyle, Sligo
Spain – Barcelona, Cataluna
Devonshire Bridge, Kildare
Spain – Villanueva Del Pardillo, Madrid

Still mad Ted…..

PPS My bro sent me this delightful picture of his cat Miaowser the other night – I thought I’d share as a nice fluffy afterthought before the weekend…

Yes, he’s alive…