Blogs For All!

Only got around to reading Monday’s Media Guardian this morning and, tucked away at the bottom of an analysis of the latest UK radio ratings was this:

In the past six months, stations have started to address music policy, on-air clutter and localness. It’s too early to discern a trend in audience growth. What they haven’t done is to think about the changing lives of their audiences. One of the biggest behavioural shifts in society in recent years has been the desire for self-expression. The internet has become the place where people download their innermost feelings, de-stress and let off steam.

The blogger is now mainstream. So why doesn’t every radio DJ have a blog? It’s the most obvious enhancement to every commercial radio station, and would help to transform radio from a “push medium” to one in which listener and DJ are equal, engaging in ongoing dialogue. Stations would be closer to their audiences and DJs would have a wealth of content to use on air. The stations would also achieve a new level of authenticity and honesty, values which people are now demanding of everything from products to politicians.

Wow!!! In at the start of a trend for the first time in my life! And probably the last…

The full article is HERE