I have no idea where to start so I’ll do it in the fragmentary nature it’s coming back to me.

It was genuinely for me at least, the best blogger night out I’ve ever been at. Both in terms of the ceremony and the afters. Best. Ever. Bar. None. The bar has been set very high for next year.

The Cork International Airport Hotel is just gorgeous, surreal, pretty and wonderful and they put up with us very, very gamely. Thanks lads and lassies 🙂 


Sorry if I did meet you and only talk to you for a few minutes, I was being dragged to do things left, right and centre and as the evening went on and the drinks flowed my sense of time got severely altered.

It is a testament to how much I enjoyed myself and how many wonderful people I met that I took almost no pistures (freudian slip) pictures and the ones I did take that are worth using are here. 

People who rock that I met properly for the first time:

The Sexy Pedestrian – who was!

Bock – who was nothing like what I expected.

Cianflah – who I got chatting to for ages about social media and radio.

Eolai – who was just lovely, warm and thoughtful and whose paintings were being pawed all night.

Fiona Pursued By A Bear – whose Annie Rhiannon impression I would have loved to have seen 🙂

Elfinamsterdam – who was just that and a huge hit to boot!

Made Marian – Maz from Style Treaty lives!

Ciara Wedding Dates – who was game enough to put on her wedding dress and give us a theatrical flourish to the final award.

Trust Tommy – who I suitably embarrassed by telling him I was SO not as cool as him when I was his age. Or in the many decades since….

and loads more who I’ve undoubtedly forgotten in the brief time I’ve had to write this. Did I meet you? Remind me…

Of course the real

As for the night, look, other people have done it better…

Sabrina has a brilliant alternative awards here – have a look:

I didn’t head to room 201, it’s possibly the only reason I was alive come Sunday morning…

Darragh and a cast of millions do the introductory videos:

Cupid Stunt’s been crunching the stats (and yes, you should be posting more often, ya fecker!):

And Mcawilliams take the pic:

 The rest is all here at:

Even if they do liken my relationship with the event to Gaybo’s with The Rose Of Tralee. Reckon we could get each of the winners to do a party piece next year? 

Then there’s my random thoughts…

  • My phone rings at 1am from an unknown UK number. Hmmm. I answer as I’m in the mood to find out who it is. Annie Rhiannon!! I’d texted her Irish mobile from the stage just after she won with “You won!” and she wanted to know all about what had happened.
  • The whole livetweeting of the 40 mins we were stuck on the tarmac in Dublin. Check the hashtag #iba09 in Twitter around 1.30 – 2.30 on Saturday…
  • Giant inflatable Twister. Yes, I know there are photos out there. They burn my eyes.
  • Not getting to meet Fran Hollywood. Grrrrrr….. He was responsible for all the polystyrene fun had on the night (he even did my name out, which is currently in the possession of the wonderful Rymus as there was no way Ryanair were going to let me take it on as carry on!) and i passed him more than once. FAIL.
  • How I could not have been prouder to have handed on my title to the most wonderful Ms Raptureponies… Don’t think that means I’m not coming back next year looking to claim what’s rightfully mine, though 😉
  • Twenty and Lottie both buying me whiskey at the bar at 3am. It’s a tough life. I love you both…
  • Suzy’s DOUBLE standing ovation. And rightly so…

Seriously though, to describe it as the best night out ever would be doing it a severe injustice and I loves ya Damien, we all do 😉



EDIT – Jaysus, flashbacks a go go now… Meeting Sharon from The Family Voyage albeit briefly and how could I possibly forget the impossibly glamourous and lovely Fatmammycat!!! *hangs head in shame*

There was also the moment in the bar having lunch the following day with a large group of our lot. Two guys had been doing a series of rat pack numbers to backing tracks over in the corner and had taken a break. Then they decide to strike up again just as The Internet’s Ben Kenealy walked into the room a bit the worse for wear. What were they playing?

Your Song.

Seemed hysterical at the time 🙂

28 thoughts on “Blork

  1. You spoke to me a few times… and I even recorded one of them 😉 (having bribed you with a Jameson to get the interview!)

    I also got you to try a cocktail (of sorts) that tasted like a biscuit… do you remember which biscuit it was? 🙂

  2. Here I am Rick, over here, no over your other shoulder. Yeah that’s me.
    Every time I saw you, you were engrossed deep in conversation and I didn’t want to interrupt you. (that’s what it looked like anyway) You must be some kind of a celeb…
    Hey, I have a new claim to fame “Rick O’Shea wanted to meet me and he didn’t” I wonder how many pint’s that line will get me?

    I must have been passenger 166… the one that got away. Not surprised as I drove down with a van full of speech bubbles. If your don’t get your name in “foam” Rick, use the immortal line “Cut it again Fran”

  3. That’s a good list, but in particular – is Bock not freaking adorable? And Jesus I don’t know what cologne he wears but he smells AMAZING as well.

    You did a smashing job as always. You’re a complete pro, but you know that 🙂

  4. Jaffa Cake it was indeed! And quite tasty it was too…
    Simple enough – 1 part Orange Juice, 2 parts Tia Maria (or Kahlua as a substitute), optional drop of Cointreau, optional slice of orange, straw, hey presto: Jaffa Cake.

    (All I had was the Tia & O.J. minus the straw. Did the job. The copious amounts of Scotch &/or Jameson did the rest of the job!)

  5. Thanks for minding us through the small part of the night and me in particular. Ledge x

    Course that sounds all wrong but you know what I mean!

  6. The lounge singers striking up as soon as Ben walked in was funny – but his reaction was epic 😀

    I just wish they would have been a little quiter and not drowned out the A1 >:(

  7. Rick you were super entertaining on Saturday.

    Best. Night. EVER.

    I wish I’d made the effort to meet more people, instead I just ran around like a lunatic with a polaroid camera. Must make more of an effort to say hello to people at the next bloggy type thing. Can’t wait for it! 🙂


    Next bloggie thing best be over here in the ‘dam!
    Aerlingus doing great deal atm return flights all in for under 100.
    Lekker as the Cloggies say!

  9. Fran, sorry!!! We were ships in the night, so….

    Sabrina, I didn’t get *that* close and thanks *blushes*

    Manuel, GofE, you were missed…

    Thanks to everyone else 😉

  10. You mean you don’t remember asking me if I was Sinéad Keogh before tweeting who you were with? Alcohol makes you forget me 🙁

  11. *sigh* Women…

    I asked you were you “@sineadkeogh”. As opposed to @skeogh or @sineadykeooooogh or something…. I wasn’t that drunk!

    At that stage…

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