Bngr’s Banger

Bngr really has to get her own blog for things like this 🙂

She had a bit of a breakdown situation a couple of weeks ago in her banger and it looks like it’s on its last legs. So she’s on the hunt for a new one. Now, she has some… unique requirements when it comes to a car so she ended up mailing this guy in the UK about something that took her fancy:

From: bngr
Subject: Classified Enquiry
To: juan

Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 11:22 PM

Comments: I would like to enquire about the 2007 SEAT Leon

She got the following reply: 

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 00:46:31 -0700
From: juan

Subject: Re: Classified Enquiry
To: bngr

Hello! I am happy to hear that you’re interested to buy my car. The car had one owner. The price includes VAT(tva). The car was kept in the garage. It had no accidents and now the car is in UK. It is registred in Ireland and has Ireland license plates. Unfortunately my work now moved in the Italy therefore I have to sell it…. It is difficult and in the same time expensive to register in Italy and change the sterling. If you want to buy it I have to tell you the limits of the deal. I can send you other pictures…  I can bring the car at your place if you want to buy it.  Thanks for your time and the interest showed and I wait a reply from

This, of course, set off a few alarm bells. She showed it to me. I heard Westminster Cathedral not too far off…

Bngr, of course, fancied some phishing…
From: Bngr

Subject: RE: Classified Enquiry
To: juan

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 10:58 AM

Thanks for replying. What are the limits to the deal?


To which the bould Juan made his pitch…

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 04:47:13 -0700

From: juan

Subject: RE: Classified Enquiry

To: bngr 

How did I say in the previous email, the self-propelled did not be even accidented.  The automobile was maintained always in garage. I employed of will a society of transportation to carry the automobile to your position.  The transportation will be paid from me!!  ALL STATES WORLDWIDE is the name of the company of shippings and this is their Web

Sites:  www****.com

It be able to put itself it in contact to contact.****, this way will supply yourselves all the information on the transportation and on the payment.And they can send off them the copies of the documents of the automobile (booklet, certified of property’). so be able to verify! Work very simple, gave their the automobile and the documents and you pay their an account of 30% (that come climbed from the total of the car) so can begin the transaction.  *You should understand that this progress is not a pay for the automobile, it just that will show me and the business of transportation that really are a serious person is a guarantee that will not transport the automobile in Ireland for nothing* you will be able to go to a service authorized and to monitor them the automobile and be able also to do a TEST DRIVE.  It be able to maintain the automobile for 3 or more days before to decide to buy it.  If they decided to close it deal it, the company of transportation if will put it in contact with me and we will sign the all documents and transfer of title and to receive the remainder of the money (70%).If you do not want to buy the self-propelled …they will refund the money (the money will give yourselves back). I Will wait as soon as possible to reply me.  Thanks a lot for your interest! 

They’re getting married a week on Friday. He’s the heir to a diamond mine fortune dontcha know…

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  1. This self-propelled sounds awesome.

    Can I have his email so I can do a TEST DRIVE?

  2. Maybe bad english is more trustworthy? Eeehh no. Yes the sad affair of my non-car continues.

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