Book Thirty Two

Book Thirty Two 2014: 

Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer


I grabbed this straight after the lovely Maria Doyle Kennedy’s reading of the first part in Hodges Figgis on European Literature Night last week.

The setup is simple enough – a woman is trying to cancel a subscription by e-mail to a magazine. She mails an address that is one letter out and starts a long running correspondence with the man she accidentally befriends and then becomes something more to…

As with so much I’ve read this year I think I might have never picked this up based in the cover but after having heard the first section I was sufficiently intrigued to hear more (you’d be surprised of the power of a great voice reading text from a novel can have on its ability to leap of the page).

It’s an elongated short story really, an epistolary fable for the 21st century and a warm, interesting, slight diversion that I finished in a day. If you need a little off time from the heavy stuff I’d recommend this.

Only thing that sits strangely with me is that a sequel is due. I thought it ended perfectly…