…are my downfall. I had a discussion with the slightly shaven-locked Mr Maybury last night in the pub about our compulsion to keep buying and buying and buying books. And in the case of both of us not get rid of any of them 🙂


Since I took this picture in June of last year for a similar post I feel a little bit better in that I’ve read 4 of the ones above. Not bad for me…

At the moment I’m reading:


after finishing the really brilliant


yet still, even though I went into Chapters the other evening for some stationery I came out with 4 movies magazines from what looks like a genre-filed 1970s partworks series, this:


And this:



8 thoughts on “Books…

  1. Buying and buying and buying books, and not getting rid of any of them – this sounds familiar. I will never read all the books I buy, but nor will I ever stop trying to!

    Love the Brooklyn Follies cover.

  2. You know how there’ll be an “At Home With….” feature in a magazine which is usually intended to plug someone’s TV show or show off their fabulous home? Do you always turn the photo sideways to see what they’ve got on their bookshelf? No? Must be just me then!

  3. Quentin Crisp, Ballard, Sagan, Morrison, Auster – in the company of giants. Let me know what you think of Marcus Chown’s book. One of those I’ve yet to pick up.

  4. Eep, same here. I’ve got half those ones on your shelf too. Leviathan is brilliant. But I have never, ever regretted buying a book. So keep it up, I say!

  5. Nope Mike, me too!!!

    Mr Maybury I will when you mail me that list of suggested graphic novels 😉

    Fiona, I have regretted but not often. In fact to be fair I’ve only abandoned books 4 or 5 times in my life…

  6. I hear yis!

    I am unable to part with a book once i’ve bought it.There are approx.10 huge boxes and 2 wardrobes in my parents house filled with them…waiting for me to come home. The plan is to have a library in my imaginary house (someday!)

    Must check out that Marcus Chown one.

  7. Myself and the boyfriend are totally the same, and we just had to move house. Carting endless boxes of books down 3 flights of stairs was not fun at all.
    I understand the Chapters addiction, I used to work across the road form it when it was on Abbey street, I blew my wages in there every week…no regrets though.

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