Britney Spears At The VMAs…

Oh God.

I woke up this morning fully aware that Britney Spears was performing at last night’s MTV VMA Awards in Las Vegas.

David just sent me this – nothing had prepared any of us in the office for just how bad this was going to be… Just be aware that if car crash TV isn’t your thing you may not be able to watch this all the way through…

In case you think I’m being harsh this is the I’m A Slave 4 U performance 6 years ago…

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t an attack on her – she looks either stoned or like the drunk girl at the end of the night in the club desperately trying to hold it together. She can’t dance, lip-synch or even dress properly apparently….

Either her people or someone in MTV should have called a halt to this. There may come a point where she’s ready to be a pop star at the highest (and note I use that term advisedly) level but this certainly isn’t it. At the moment it looks like she still needs serious help.

Perez Hilton was slightly less charitable than me

EDIT – Viacom have pulled all the performance videos from Youtube… Shame that. Anyone know where else I can get a replacement one?

EDIT EDIT – Got one!

9 thoughts on “Britney Spears At The VMAs…

  1. Posting the Slave video was a good call, some difference!
    I actually feel a bit of sympathy, especially as ex Timberlake was in the house cleaning up on the awards front and cooking on stage….it must suck a bit to be Britney right now.

  2. she looks a total disgrace she should’ve stayed at home. she really does like the drunk at the end of the party! she really needs help, she did look high on something . . . and i don’t mean life!!!!!!!

  3. yeah, that was just really, really sad. It looked completely unprepared, ill advised, and way too soon.

  4. omg.. embarrasing…. does she have no money left she could have at least use some to put on some sort of show to distract people from that disaster

  5. To me it looks like an early rehearsal. The moves are sort of there, but it’s a run through before the actual dancing started. The near stumbles at the start could have been overlooked if the dancing got better … but look at the final 30 second mark when she and the dancers are supposed to be in synch. Its there, but its an early run through… unfortunately its also the show night.

    Oddly it migth have worked if they had that “Fastlove” chair thing to keep her in. Dance around the girl on the daybed… or were they scared of too easy and many close-ups?

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