Call Me Competitive….

I’m not competitive… Really… But one of the things about the blog being around for a while is that it is starting to get linked to from other sites and included in directories… It’s now on and they have a ranking system based on the amount of votes in gets through banners on those sites. You vote, go there and then check out their directory – playing up to the inherent competitiveness of most bloggers! Clever…

Now I’m really not arsed about how well I do there. However currently I’m ranked at number 112 behind such leading lights as Broccoli for Breakfast, Slimming for the Beach, Derek on Web 2.0 and business, EastMeath.Org, Planet Potato, Spatial Ireland and Penguins Rock. Humph!

If you have ever loved me you’ll click HERE !!!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Call Me Competitive….

  1. I voted for you rick, please vote for me too
    Extraordinary Fandabulous New Dimensions is the name od my blog, the link is below

  2. Well you’ve moved up to 14 now. Hadn’t heard of the site before but woulda voted before of course.

  3. Well congrats rick your all the way up to 4th now.A couple more votes and you’l be king of blogville ireland

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