Carpal Tunnel Syndrome For My Thumbs & Going Postal In Next….


First Christmas song in a shop today… Really almost went postal… At least it was a Phil Spector one and not Slade or feckin’ Shakin’ Stevens. Can genuinely listen to that album almost indefinitely… Looking for “alternative” Christmas songs to play on the show in December – any ideas you know the score:

Hate being cryptic but started 2 things rolling today that will genuinely change my life and career. One of them is something new here on 2FM that I’ve alluded to before, one something very personal that is about to become very public because I have started to feel over the years a great responsibility with regards to who I am. Both are very much all good – first news will always be here because I lurve you all…

As part of the continuing “how do ya pick the songs for your show?” strand the first three songs on the show tonight are from FIFA 06 which I’m currently playing on my PSP. I’ve been rattling away with Pro Tour football since it came out but this one is a completely different beast. About a thousand times more complex, vivid, real (Clive Tyldsley and Andy Gray actually slag you if you’re playing crap) and infuriating!

The gameplay was a lot easier on Pro Tour which can be a bit frustrating (and is leaving me with calloused and carpal tunneled thumbs!) but I’ll slog on…

Flaming Lips live from Electric Picnic is our choice cut from this weekend’s 2FM Live tonight… Jaysus! Have just looked at that page and they’ve listed all off my live stuff for the next few weeks along with Jenny’s and Dan’s… I’m officially one of the family :-)))))))


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  1. Stop playing FIFA 2006, put the controller down, go to the shops, buy Pro Evolution Soccer and return home. Only then will you truely be happy :). PES is a far superior game. Play a nice xmas oldie, something from Bing Crosby. Timeless classics :).

  2. You know Barenaked Ladies have a great live version of Baby it’s Cold Outside? And I, not sure how legal it is!, have a great Christmas Medley of theirs on my iPod! Failing that I agree with the previous poster – you can’t beat the classics – Bing, Ella, Deano….

  3. Ah Gareth, alas I only have a mere PSP so Pro Tour and FIFA 06 are my only options… 🙁

    Well impressed with the mails and posts here I’m getting about alternative Christmas songs – keep them coming…


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