Change One Letter Two – The Sequel!

Following on from (and sorry for the duplication but I couldn’t be arsed going through them 🙂

  • Angelina Holie… Famous Actress/Nun
  • Father Fed… The Fat Priest.
  • Nosh Spice… Up Market Cafe Owner
  • Britney Smears… troubled pop sensation devotes life to work in gynaecology
  • Ross Hemp… Actor Presenter/ Drug Baron
  • Mick Dagger… Serial Killing Rock Star.
  • Dick O’Shea… Male Gigalo
  • Orlando Broom… Actor/Janitor
  • Nicholas Rage… Actor With Short Fuse And Bad Temper
  • Mary Barney… A Larger Than Life Minister For Children’s TV
  • Barti Ahern… Says “Eat My Shorts” To Irish Public When Asked About His Finances
  • Tom Bruise… Useless  Action Hero
  • Cheryl Dole…  Pop Star And Part Time Social Services Worker
  • Shirley Massey… Welsh Singer With Penchant 4 Small Red Tractors.
  • Hillary Skank… Not The Best Looking Actress In Hollywood.
  • Sigourney Beaver… Kills Aliens And Builds Dams.
  • Gel Gibson… Slick Actor
  • George W Mush… US President With A Soggy Brain
  • George W Tush… US President Makes Extra Money On The Catwalk. 
  • Simon Dowell, X Factor Judge Stuck Between Two Planks
  • Snoop Fogg… American Rapping Weather Man.
  • Paris Milton… Jailbird Who Needs to clean Up Her Act.
  • Rudy Finnegan… Wife of Richard Madely. Flashes Her Boobs At Awards Ceremonies
  • Amy Pinehouse… Troubled Singer Who Builds Log Cabins!
  • Nicole Kitman… Football Jersey Washer.
  • Rascal Sheehy… News Reporter Turned Boy Menace
  • Polly Valance… Parrot Loving Singer
  • Mariah Harey… Diva With A Body Hair Problem.
  • Bob Harley… A Reggae Hells Angel
  • Kanye Vest… Rapper With A Panchant For Knitting
  • Harry Putter… Child Wizard And Golf Genius
  • Damien Dice… Singer Songwriter With A Gambling Addiction
  • Tina Burner… Simply The Best Arsonist
  • Will Ferrett… Comedy Actor/Small Animal.
  • Bin Jovi… Rubbish Collecting Rockstar.

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  1. edam clayton – bassist – hard on the outside, soft and fragrant on the inside
    larry mullet jr – all his women fans wish they had a pair of scissors handy at the meet and greets
    Egge – supreme guitarist with a fine logical mind
    Bond – singer championing 0.07% GDP to Africa

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