Cloverfield – 25 Words Won’t Do…

It’s like being beaten around the head every 10 minutes by a fat man with a space hopper.


Came out of it almost disoriented. It is very much an arthouse film masquerading as a blockbuster and with an ending that left the audience stunned into silence for 30 seconds or so until they started clapping.

Visceral, terrifying at times (in one place I had my hands over my eyes and I’m a grown man!) and a genuinely fresh take on a hackneyed old genre.

Think Godzilla (the good Japanese ones, not the bloody awful Emmerich/Devlin American version) meets Blair Witch meets 28 Days Later and you’re not even halfway there.


10 thoughts on “Cloverfield – 25 Words Won’t Do…

  1. Serious? Was gonna check it out, like i felt that I Am Legend was gonna suck but in the end it rocked.

    Is it Blair Witch’y as they make it out in the trailer? ie. do you feel motion sick watching it?

  2. i want to see it, but i’m a total wuss… is it gory? if it’s not gory then i’m ok, otherwise it’ll be another good film i miss out on because i suck.

  3. this film is an amazing concept, just came out of the cinema, where some one actually did get sick during the movie. it made me nautious and dizzy too i have to admit. some amazing sequences, with some dodgy camera work, loved it, even with one or 2 unbelievable scenes in the movie. and hey rick this is for u, u were saying to wait on till the end of the credits for somethin cool, what a waste of time that was, it was 2 seconds of dialogue i couldnt even make out………………….. dont bother people. but do go see the movie, cant wait to see what jj does for the star trek fanchise. bring it on……………

  4. I missed what we were supposed to watch for in the background in the very last scene. Enjoyed it. Wasn’t terrifying and I didn’t jump or scream once (a miracle for me!!). Little bit gory but no worse than what they show on Casualty. Whole way through, Rob reminded me of Mark Rufalo. Was slightly dizzy at end. Leaving cinema the security guard was laughing saying there was nothing but confusion on everyone’s face.

  5. I can safely say it here because it’s all over the Cloverfield sites anyway…

    The suggestion is that in the last scene, the flashback, you can see something dropping in the water iin the background from the sky…

  6. No worse than what they show on Casualty Aoife!! They must have sexed it up in the ten years since I lasy saw it… 😉

  7. Believe me Rick they have. You get bones and guts hanging out all over the gaff now!! Saw on Foley’s page he has a backward whisper from the bit at the end of the credits.

  8. This film was absolute crap and made me feel quite motion sick all the way through. really dissapointed.

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