Come On You Lions!!!

I have to admit.

I watched it tonight for the first time.

Followed it to the bitter end because of some base need within me for bloodsports.

Somewhere back, back, back in my bloodline there was a Roman nobleman singing “Come on you lions!!! Come on you lions!!!”

I watched Celebrity Big Brother. Just to see Jade Goody’s face when she realised her whole world was crumbling down around her ears… If you want to see it you need to watch the sequence where Davina shows her the series of TV news bulletins from the week (nice that they removed the burning Jade effigy in Mumbai we’d seen earlier from it when they reran it for her, eh?) and watch her, dressed appropriately all in black, slowly melting like the Wicked Witch of the West under the tv lights…

That makes me a bad person but you’re going to quietly look the other way, right? 🙂

Her getting 82% of the eviction vote inspires 2 thoughts in my head:

(1) Maybe the great British public aren’t as Sun/Mirror/Daily Sport-addled as we sometimes think they are…

(2) What in the name of sweet Jesus on a bicycle were the other 18% thinking…..?


One thought on “Come On You Lions!!!

  1. I have to admit I watched it too and felt the same way…I expected to hear “Dead Career Walking” as she was escorted out of the house to the tv studio.

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