Coming Up For Oxegen…

Quick one.

My journo mate Tanya (I only have one – I try to avoid them at all costs…. *JOKE*) is looking for people who started a relationship at Oxegen for an article.

Did you?

Mail me your contact details and I’ll pass them on.

3 thoughts on “Coming Up For Oxegen…

  1. Sorry what was that? One journo mate eh? Right. Thanks.A. Bunch. I’ll just delete this lovely interview I’m typing up about you right now. No, don’t try to stop me. It’s grand. Seriously, if that’s how you’re going to be about it, then THAT’S FINE!!!

    (Just as an aside, you don’t mind if I er, embellish, your quotes do you? Seeing as I’m a lazy cow who interviewed you more than a week ago but only started working on this today and is now faced with 27 pages of indecipherable scrawl? The odd word like ‘interactive’ and ‘Dave Fanning’ is jumping out at me but apart from that, I got nothin.)

  2. Jaysus. They’re such a touchy bunch. Right, TWO journo friends. Wait, I like Jim Carrroll… That’s 3 so… FUCK, Una!!! 4.

    Shite, don’t get me started on revising life-long habits…

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