Cynical media types…

We’ve had a theory round the show table in the canteen every morning. As well as stuff we see in the papers we bring a lot of web stuff to the table and recently some of the more cynical among us have been suggesting that some “oddly enough” style stories may be…. slightly less that truthful. They’re just too good. And they tend to come from the same parts of the world. Eastern Europe and, more recently, China.

It was suggested by one of us that there’s one lad in Beijing and one in Belgrade churning out these things and selling them on to gullible news agencies. But no more! As if someone in the ether sensed our cynicism the Chinese stories have all started appearing with photographic proof!

The woman with the horn in her forehead…

The woman whose cat grew wings….

And now the 51 year old grandmother who’s making money….. impersonating Chairman Mao.

Sure if there’s a photo they have to be real, right?