Dani California On The Web…

Simply the biggest reaction we’ve gotten from any song almost since the start of the year has been from the new Red Hot Chili Peppers single Dani California and rightly so. Completely up to the standard of recent years and one that, I’m sure will be huge live at Oxegen.

The lovely people at their record label mailed me today and asked if I’d be interested in some links for the video for all who haven’t seen it yet… My thanks to Darren 🙂

http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_56.wvx http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_100.wvx http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_300.wvx http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_450.wvx

http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_56.mov http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_100.mov http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_300.mov http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/rhcp/dcvideo/rhcp_dani-california9v4k5f_700.mov

Back to the usual 10 tonight with a live track from Bell X1 ahead of their weekend 2FM Live appearance…


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