Haven’t done the whole “what I’m reading” thing recently so I’ve missed out on a few bits…

*looks back at his Facebook*

Oh yeah…

Recently I’ve had a go at Christopher Buckley’s Thank You For Smoking.


I had it for a while since I found it in a discount book store. Loved the movie and the book, as in most cases, turned out to be better. Highly recommend it.

Then it was David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green. I cannot recommend his last one Cloud Atlas highly enough, this was a captivating read too if on a much smaller scale (one village, one teenage boy, one year).


I would however steer clear of Simon Schama’s The American Future: A History. I bought it thinking it was a dissection of contemporary America, it instead plays it off against American colonial and revolutionary history, something that was just name after name after name and I got very bored very quickly…



To cleanse the pallette…


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