Dead At Your Age

It’s fascinating…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was almost two weeks younger than you when he died of fever on December 5, 1791. He was a baroque composer whose brief but prolific career yielded such works as “The Magic Flute” (1791). He died 182 years before you were born.

9 thoughts on “Dead At Your Age

  1. At your exact age, Andy Kaufman died of lung cancer. He was an absurd comedian best known as Latka the mechanic on TV’s “Taxi”


  2. I get MC Breed “one of the first successful Midwest rappers”. Lovely. At least I’m not looking at McBreed with envy at his achievement.

  3. You’ve outlived Cass Elliot by almost two weeks. She was a singer with the Mamas and the Papas. She died of a heart attack due to obesity on July 29, 1974, 2 years before you were born.

    Mama Cass, class. Here’s hoping I dont die in the bathtub next week.

  4. “You are 21 years and 27 days old today.

    When Kurt Cobain, leader of rock band Nirvana and late husband of Courtney Love, was the exact same age as you, he finally settled on a name for his band — Nirvana. They tried it out for a show in Tacoma, Washington. That was in 1988. He died of suicide by gunshot 6 years, 17 days later, in 1994.”

    Okay I lied,. but when I put in my real D.O.B:

    “In 17 days, when you reach 27 years and 44 days of age, your lifespan will surpass that of a leader of rock band Nirvana and late husband of Courtney Love.”


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