Dead Fun


I have to rave this morningabout the Dead Zoo exhibition that’s currently on in Collins Barracks Museum. I used to spend loads of time from childhood up through cheap student years and to bringing my little ones, right to the point where the stairs collapsed a couple of years ago.

I loved the dank, the old, the stuffed, the centuries of careful work on animal cadavers, some of which had bullet holes in them(!), but they were different days. The new exhibition has a small section of items but beautifully displayed in the old riding school building in the original cases. The two main differences are that they’re all beautifully labelled these days and they have some of the long boxed away geological exhibits on show too, including moon rock!!



There’s also a dinosaur!

I never remember there being a dinosaur…


Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures but you’re not allowed take any and thus these were all taken without flash when the security guard was walking the other way…

This is a meteorite that you’re allowed *touch*!!

Proved very popular with my 2 year old…




It’s free in, there’s free parking and the kids loved it.


2 thoughts on “Dead Fun

  1. I loved the old Natural History Museum – spent many long hours drawing in there getting my portfolio together for college, I’d imagine sitting on the ground surrounded by paper & charcoal wouldn’t go down too well in collins Barracks!
    It looks really good though, must get in & have a look!

  2. I’ve been meaning to go to this myself, having been a frequent visitor to the old one, but after being to the gigantic Natural History Museum in London last week I think I’ll wait a few weeks.

    In London, there are many many dinosaurs…

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